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 [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon]

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[Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] Empty
PostSubject: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon]   [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] EmptyWed Mar 16, 2011 8:27 am

We only just released our V1.0 CMS and we are already developing our second and third editions!

Just so you know most people go by versions with wierd numbers like 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 and crap. We will just be doing V1.0 V2.0 ETC.

Version 3.0 Will be INCREDIBLE! I promise you none of our CMS's are using files from others and we dont copy. This one has an index based on Phoenix CMS! Except its free and its coded in PHP so its much easier to use.

This will be the most amazing CMS ever...Well not ever cuz we will probly have a new CMS done within a week. (Man we have a great tech team Very Happy) We can finish custom CMS's in a week or less. Our new CMS should be coming out soon. Once it does we will have to start making V3.0 So maybe its a good idea to wait? JK GET IT WHEN IT COMES OUT! For extra information ALL of our KatoCMS versions will work with the add-ons we make. As they are configured for this. Please spread the word about KatoCMS!

Everything will be working 100% on our new one! We will be releasing our CMS's in other languages by request, so just leave a comment asking for our CMS in a diff language!

We might release it very soon! HERE ARE SOME SCREENIES TO FREAK OVER!

Index: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] Z7nmg
Me: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] Acby4y
Community: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 2i1l5i1
Coins: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 167w3o8
Housekeeping: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 1ta043
MyHome: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] Rigdn4
Account Settings: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 2jflnk6
Club Page: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 22fhih
News: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] Wssgw9
Staff Page: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 24do9dc
Tag Page: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 11w8xsj
Collectables: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] 30kqblv
Pixels: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] E8qwjl
Help Tool: [Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon] Sbhlhd

That is just all the main stuff but there is more to it including EVERY DAY A NEW PAGE will be released to use for it. We wont be doing this everyday new page thing until atleast 5 hotels are using our CMS

Thanks for your support!

Oh and if you dont know what Phoenix looks like just go look it up on otaku...Luckily ours will be free! [For a short time]
And i almost forgot that ALL of our CMS's are made for V26 and are only tested with Holograph Emulator or V26 emulators. You can experiment with other databases and Emulators if you'd like.
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[Coming Soon] KatoCMS 3.0 [Info] [Coming Soon]
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