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PostSubject: [PROJECT CLOSED] [CLOSED] KatoCMS V3.0 (ROLEPLAY) [CLOSED] [PROJECT CLOSED]   Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:15 pm


Kato is a roleplay based server and CMS. It is unique for its edited emulator with out of this world commands. We are also known for our CMS, it is designed by Sketch and his old buds from scratch, with unique features that are not on any other roleplay hotel.

Project Kato's emulator. At its best.
Originally made by Sketch and his old team (names not available im tryin to get them Razz) and updated with amazing commands which help not only staff, but users in their roleplay experience.

Project Kato RP CMS. You wouldnt find this anywhere else.
Project Kato RP CMS has its unique, good looking and and advanced CMS, most advanced you will find for Habbo roleplays. We have features on our CMS that we have decided to include as a surprise, it will make your roleplay the best experience in-game and out of game.

Arrows - Instant Teleportation
Click on an arrow, and woosh you're away! No need to double-click, you will be there in a flick!

Housekeeping. Its the first.
Our housekeeping has its own design, colours that stand out and an eye catching style. We have things such as corporation management and more on this very Housekeeping, making the hotel controllable without phpmyadmin access, to ensure a safe environment for all users playing your hotel.

Badges and motto's and ranks in a flash.
Administrators in-game of your roleplay have the power to change your motto, add a badge and give a rank and you will not be required to reload to get these requirements, this is our in-game housekeeping to keep instant track of your hotel.

Jailbreak, bankrob and ATM's.
Our advanced system of ATM's is awesome. You can use one command to make one ATM machine in any room and you will be able to use it soon as this command is used, you dont even have to go to PhpMyAdmin, its instant. This is the same for jailbreaks and bankrobbing, you can put a jailbreak and a bankrob action point in any room in any second and boom, your players can have more fun and will not have to get bored and wait.

Advanced bot system, non player characters.
You will be able to ask a BOT for your timeleft in jail, you will be able to ask a BOT for a bubblejuice drink and you will be able to ask a bot for some medical assistance (aka heal). If you decide you want to kill a BOT, when they do die they will be sent to the patient room and when they're alive they will be sent back to the room they was placed in by a hotel administrator, you can also place BOTS in jail for currently a default time.

Zombies vs Humans
Our Zombies vs Humans was coded from scratch, we have an administrator make someone a zombie/human, they can do the following commands: (zombie: :bite x) (human: :cure x) this has brought alot of fun in hotels I placed this in and is ideal for a successful and fun playing hotel.

So much more for you..
We have so much more for you, so much I have forgot alot.

KatoCMS [RP] Licences
Currently, KatoCMSLicences will be running for free, and we will stay this way.

Coming soon, Thanks for your support!
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