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 [95%-Stable] KatoCMS [RP] V2.0 [Release] [English]

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[95%-Stable] KatoCMS [RP] V2.0 [Release] [English] Empty
PostSubject: [95%-Stable] KatoCMS [RP] V2.0 [Release] [English]   [95%-Stable] KatoCMS [RP] V2.0 [Release] [English] EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 10:50 am

Introducing V2.0 Of KatoCMS [RP Edition]

We have a quite bad error with this edition. We dont really know what is wrong but all the HoloGraph [RP] Servers we tryed with it didnt work. Then we fixed our test one and tryed it but then the Emulator wouldnt start up because it would crash Sad

The CMS itself works fine but i have to post a tutorial on some slight edits that take about 2 mins to do but u will have to do them.

V2.0 is a full roleplay CMS that is fully functional. You install it with the PHPRetro install included in it. [Based of PHPRetro RP]

Unfortunatly for now all the IN-GAME features we listed will not be available for a few days or maybe a week... Sad The big reason being V2.0 [RP] is not our main priority right now. It will only be worked on in our free time when we are not developing our other Non-RP CMS's.

Once we have the Emu situation fixed we will put a special emulator that has all of these features. For now stick with some kind of holograph. Unfortunatly we dont guarentee ANY emu's working with this. U will really have to mess around i think to get it to work which i really dont have time for since today was a promised release date and im already 5 Hours and 50 Minutes late for the release as i said 7:00 AM to everyone on hotels and people i contact with.

So have fun and u can mess around with it if you'd like. If you are interested in heading our KatoCMS [RP] Division and have experience creating Roleplay's we will be happy to discuss is as I Sketch cannot be working on 500 different things at once.

Thanks again for your support, Kato Staff.

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[95%-Stable] KatoCMS [RP] V2.0 [Release] [English]
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