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 Kato Hotel Project Has Started!

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Kato Hotel Project Has Started!  Empty
PostSubject: Kato Hotel Project Has Started!    Kato Hotel Project Has Started!  EmptySun Mar 20, 2011 11:54 am

Kato Hotel will be opening very soon with a new CMS that is quite literally better than Phoenix CMS used by hotels commonly known such as XaddoUSA! The main reason we decided to make our own hotel is because We design our own CMS's... OUR OWN operating system, Our OWN emulators. And still staff from hotels think that the owner (Me) doesnt have skillz as a technician. "He hasnt done anything to prove it" (QUOTED BY MARTA! Owner Of XaddoUSA) This being said made no sense because 5 minutes before we took down Force Hotel for about 5 minutes and hacked to give ourselves ranks... How is that not skill? Razz

Anyways we will have a different system than all these hotels. We have a FULLY EQUIPPED STAFF TEAM that are ALL GOOD CODERS! So if the hotel ever had a bug we dont even have to go on maintenance all the time like...SOME HOTELS I KNOW.
And if the hotel was ever completely deleted we have a backup every 3 hours so you can't lose much! (Awesome Eh?)

More info will be posted soon. This is a team made up of REAL CODERS. Most hotels are afraid of people who do their jobs well. XaddoUSA refused to hire me as a coder/techi before and they get a bug every day and are always taken down by hackers. The reason being they dont have a good techi. We will not be like that as the hotel is actually ON right now being tested and worked on. Thanks for reading.

-Kato Staff
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Kato Hotel Project Has Started!
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