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 Setting up PHPRetro with Holograph Emulator

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Setting up PHPRetro with Holograph Emulator Empty
PostSubject: Setting up PHPRetro with Holograph Emulator   Setting up PHPRetro with Holograph Emulator EmptyMon Mar 14, 2011 7:14 am

If you've seen this on another website, then its probably me who has posted it. This tutorial will show you how to setup PHPRetro with Holograph Emulator and also shows how to make PHPRetro compatible with the TDBP version of Holograph Emulator aswell.

Before you start, download this pack which contains:-
PHPRetro - Stablest Version
Holograph Emulator Non-TDBP Edition
Holograph Emulator TDBP Edition (Cecer's)
XAMPP Version 1.7.1
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1
MySQL Connector/Net 5.2.5
If I'm missing anything from this pack, please PM me. If you'd like to mirror my pack then please feel free to. Both of the Holograph Emulator's have already been compiled with the eventsManager.cs already replaced from the do_not_upload folder that is found in PHPRetro. Events.sql has already been placed into both of the databases.

Setting up Holograph Emulator:-
Within the pack Holograph Emulator has already been compiled, with the replaced eventsManager.cs with it. So there is no need to compile.
Make sure you have XAMPP already setup and your MySQL and XAMPP folder already protected, if you're unsure on how to to do this visit www.apachefriends.org.

Firstly you'll need to import the database to the MySQL server. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and login. Then you can create your database within the text box, you first see when you login to phpMyAdmin.

If you are using the TDBP edition, then read this step but don't import, then have a look at the next step. Open up your database within phpMyAdmin, then click import at the top of the page. After the import page has loaded click browse. Go to the Holograph Emulator Non-TDBP edition folder, then to database and double click on database.sql.

For TDBP edition users, within the database folder, read the How to Setup text file, to see what SQL files to import.

After you have imported the database, remove all of the old cms_ tables as PHPRetro does not support these.

Within the Holograph Emulator folder, now go to the Server folder. Then directly into the bin folder.
Open up MySQL.ini and edit the file to the settings that match your MySQL server.
Make sure you have both of the MySQL Connectors installed, then open up Holograph Emulator. If everything goes well, it should say that Holograph Emulator is ready.
Setting up PHPRetro:-
I'm not going to post screenshots as this part is easy.
Extract PHPRetro, which you'll find in the pack I gave you, go to the uploads folder and copy everything from there to the root of your webserver.
Make sure your MySQL server is online, and then start the PHPRetro installer. The link to this is usually http://localhost/install/.
Follow the installation instructions, after you've done, move the config.php file from your install folder to the includes folder. Then you can remove the install folder.
Now you have a setup installation of PHPRetro!
Getting events to work:-

Within your PHPRetro directory, go to includes/data then open up holograph.php. First search for function select19, then you should find a commented and uncommended function select19. Remove the uncommented version, then uncomment the commented version. This will enable you to use events. No need to import events.sql or replace your eventsManager.cs.

If you're using TDBP, follow these instructions:-

You will go to C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-xampp.conf press CTRL + H and type in the first box "localhost" and then the second box, type in "", then click the box called REPLACE ALL. After that, press CTRL + S to save the .conf file since you edited it.

Then after that replace the old update6 with this new one.
PHP Code:
function update6($id,$time){
$GLOBALS['serverdb']->query("UPDATE users SET lastvisit = '".$time."', ipaddress_last = '".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."' WHERE id = '".$id."' LIMIT 1");

And thats all there is to it! Remember your settings are correct in PHPRetro, which you can change via housekeeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I getting an error the my config.php file doesn't exist?
A: If you get a error about config.php not being found after
installing, make sure you moved config.php from ./install/
to ./includes/

Q: Why isn't the client connecting properly?
A: Make sure the Hotel IP, Port, and MUS Port in Housekeeping -> Settings
-> Hotel is the same used in Holograph. (If not sure, check the table `system_config`). It seems like common sense, but I have more then one people that didn't so this and complained about errors.

Q: Why aren't users recieving emails from my hotel?
A: If users can't recieve emails, you have to set up the PHP mail(); function to work correctly, Google, if you're stuck.

I hope this tutorial helped you guys. lmao
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Setting up PHPRetro with Holograph Emulator
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