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 [Delay READ NOW] KatoCMS V2.0 + V3.0 [Delay READ NOW]

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[Delay READ NOW] KatoCMS V2.0 + V3.0 [Delay READ NOW] Empty
PostSubject: [Delay READ NOW] KatoCMS V2.0 + V3.0 [Delay READ NOW]   [Delay READ NOW] KatoCMS V2.0 + V3.0 [Delay READ NOW] EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 6:55 am

Im sorry to say that we are having some delay on releasing this. The CMS is fine and everything works, but we are having trouble with the database. After you register or ever for the administrator account the database says ur password is a bunch of random numbers. OIHAOGTFHIhtl48 vpul3yu826blnvt8y5l8b6 And stuff. And even if you enter that you cannot log in... Plus the roleplay EMU is being pretty crappy so we are making our own. (Or editing one) So we hope to have it out soon. V2.0 should be out very shortly as we just have some copyright crap to go through. And edit some PHP pages.

As for V3.0. Its not going to be exactly as we described. Actually probably nothing like we described because my friend sent me the EMU and i cant open the file and now he cant even open it... So we have to REDO everything.

(Dont worry i bought a harddrive today) Razz So we wont lose anything again.

Please be patient as i will release my roleplay as soon as possible.I will be releasing V3.0 and V4.0 (Two versions of the roleplay just because you had to wait so long.)

Also incase your wondering after we release these CMS's there are more NON-RP cms's coming out by us. (V5.0)

Yes we have all our releases planned out. Very Happy
Oh and if anyone can get us a license for Phoenix PHP CMS i would be so happeh! Because we can use that as a reference for further releases. ALSO the donator who gives us the PHP CMS will recieve a huge surprise! KatoCMS All versions that are finished from V1.0 all the way to V13.0 (Yea we have that many more to release) AND MORE BEING MADE. Plus we will personally design a special set of custom furni JUST FOR YOUR HOTEL and it will not be released to anyone else. So think about it? 13 working CMS's sounds good to me Razz And i wouldnt mind my own custom furni :O too late i have some Razz

EDIT READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT~!!!!!!: I have decided i dont want to waste my time trying to fix all this crap. I went through it and its a serious re-edit for it. So i will post the link to the CMS how it is. (Bugs with database) The one that im releasing like this is the one that is supposed to be Version 4 of KatoCMS But now it is Version 2.0 (THATS IMPORTANT I WILL CHANGE MY V2.0 SO u dont get confused.) Version 3.0 will be the first roleplay one with a slight tutorial on how to fix it (It needs small fixes that are really easy to do after i figured them out) V4.0 will be released later and i have no info at this time that i am releasing. IMPORTANT POINT: THIS CMS AS IT IS NOT FINISHED HAS NO LOGOS THT REFER TO KATO-STUDIOS! BUT IT IS 100% MADE BY US AND BASED OF OTHER CMS's If someone could please go through and change all them so they say KatoCMS V3.0 and not Phpretro of Xoa CMS or whtever shows up Razz

Thanks - Kato Staff
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[Delay READ NOW] KatoCMS V2.0 + V3.0 [Delay READ NOW]
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